I am Tamara. I have things in my head. I love to do many things and I write about them. I am not the typical girl, I find things like subcultures and oddities very amusing. Not weird stuff, just not typically mainstream stuff. I do not like top 40. I do not like chain restaurants, I do not like rom-coms. I like game nights (board, RPG, video) and going to the movies to see independent films (although I do like good Kaiju movie or giant robots saving the world even if it is a big budget film). So you can say I have an interestingly eclectic taste.

Since I am into these things, this is typically what I write about. I come across a lot of stuff on the web and I like to tell it like it is regardless if it is sunshine or crap. Sometimes my articles are funny or informative, sarcastic or serious, it just depends on my mood. I do like to have an open mind when I come across something worth writing about, but beware that I do not beat around the bush. I do just write for fun sometimes about subjects that interest me so I guess you could say this site is somewhat random!

I also enjoy comics and going to comic conventions weather it's the big one or the one just down the road. I do take part in cosplay so maybe I will post some pictures (I do tend to get obsessive about my costumes). The love for cosplay does spill over into my everyday life, no I do not show up to work in my Lum costume, but I do like to accessorize and wear unusual things from sub pop culture that interest me. I have found some pretty cool stuff trolling around the internet at 3am. I think once I also found the end of the internet.

Ok so enough rambling about myself, I feel like doing some writing. So what to write about first? Give some advice? Just babble on? Talk about a movie I just saw? Well who knows, just check back at time to time to see what I have to say. I will also post stuff on my facebook account and let you know when a new article is live. I will post links to my social stuff here when I get a chance.

Thank Ya and see you somewhereon the interwebs soon!