Tamara Payne-Alex

The campaign to elect Tamara Payne-Alex as UUA Moderator in 2013

VOTE in the 2013 UUA Moderator Election


imagesHow do I vote for Moderator?

Under the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bylaws regarding elections, congregations that have met the certification requirements for sending voting delegates to General Assembly (GA) can vote in the election by sending their delegates to vote on site at General Assembly or by submitting completed absentee ballots.

A congregation can use a mix of both of these methods if it wishes. For example, if a congregation will be sending some but not all of its delegates to General Assembly, the congregation can vote absentee for any of the delegate slots that won’t be used to send delegates to General Assembly.

When do I vote for Moderator?

Certified congregations can vote in the election by sending delegates to vote on site at General Assembly in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, June 22.

Absentee ballots with instructions and biographical information about the candidates were mailed to certified congregations in early March. Congregations that choose to vote by absentee ballot must submit their completed absentee ballots by June 12th.

More questions?  Contact elections@uua.org.

Author: Tamara Payne-Alex

Candidate for UUA Moderator in 2013.

2 thoughts on “VOTE in the 2013 UUA Moderator Election

  1. If not all delegates are attending (on- or off-site), how do congregations use their votes? That is, does a person need to be registered as a delegate (and pay fee) to vote or can the congregation submit the remaining delegate votes without registration fees?

    • Christine,
      All delegates must register as off-site to vote in the election. They must register by 8pm EST on June 7th and pay their off-site registration of $150.

      Here is the link to the information you will need on the UUA website:


      A couple hints:
      o You will need your signed delegate credential card from your congregation first so that you can get the delegate ID# off the card.
      o Follow the directions on the ballot carefully and return the ballot stub (from your delegate credential card) in the return envelope provided.

      You can get more information by contacting generalassembly@uua.org.

      Thank you!

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